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Cow Creek Water Rights Adjudication


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For specific questions about your water right:

New Mexico Office of the State Engineer 

Paul Bossert, Pecos Bureau Managing Attorney,
Kelly Smith, Pecos Bureau Attorney,
Leila Reilly, Pecos Bureau Attorney,
James Aguirre, Engineer Manager, Hydrographic Survey Bureau,
Richard Trujillo, Acequia/Community Liaison,, 505-454-2597

Ralph Vigil, Chair
New Mexico Acequia Commission
HC70 Box 842
Pecos, NM 87552

The Joe M Stell Water Ombudsman Program

The Joe M Stell Water Ombudsman Program

For questions about the water right adjudication process:

The Water Ombudsman Program at the University of New Mexico Utton Center

The Utton Transboundary Resources Center
UNM School of Law
1117 Stanford NE
MSC11 6070 . 1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
Darcy Bushnell – 505-277-0551 (direct line)

The primary mission of the Ombudsman Program is to educate unrepresented (pro se) parties about: 1) why they would want to actively participate in water rights adjudication, and 2) how to participate in an informed and timely fashion.

Ombudsman acts as a third party neutral advisor and can help pro se claimants understand options available to them for responding to pleadings and offers of judgment or consent orders from the state. The Ombudsman does not offer legal advice.

New Mexico Courts

NM Courts - Online Case Look Up

Link to Cow Creek Adjudication Website

Cow Creek Section Adjudication website

Court website for the Cow Creek Section Adjudication in the Fifth Judicial District Court